Everything that an ad agency isn’t…
the benefits of being boutique.

We could brag about lavish studios and multi-person teams of people to cater to you while they pretend to have an actual interest in your business – but we won’t. In fact Crop Marks Design Studio is quite the opposite – hence the whole “creative alternative” thing. We’re a new breed of design firm – small, highly professional with an active interest in the success and growth of your business.

Does size really matter?

“It was a pleasure working with Crop Marks on Jaguar Mining’s latest annual report. Stephen was always receptive to suggestions and reacted quickly to changes. The whole process was smooth and we got a great product on budget and on time. I look forward to working with Crop Marks again in the future.”

Valeria Rezende DioDato
Director of Communication
Jaguar Mining Inc.

Why should it? If you want to pay inflated prices for someone’s extensive overhead and a team of people who don’t get to know your business, that’s fine. However if you’re looking for the same top shelf creative without the runaround, give us a call.

Crop Marks is small in size and that’s just the way we think it should be. Stephen Smith, President and Creative Director drives the business and oversees all creative. Naturally one man can’t do everything (although it’s close). When in need, quality designers are utilized to assist in bringing out the best for the client. This type of business model allows for the most cost-effective, yet creative approach to each and every project.

How can Crop Marks do it all?

Passion – pure and simple. It’s in everything we do for our clients and is very evident – just ask them! As a small business we understand and appreciate every client and treat them as if they were our only one. Oftentimes with larger agencies, you can get the feeling of being burned simply because of lack of attention – or getting the attention you need, a bit too late. That’s not the case here – we’ve been thanked many times for our promptness – even if just responding to an email.

One of our primary goals is developing long-term relationships with our clients. Why? Simply because strong relationships produce strong materials as well as a referral network that can’t be beat. Many of our clients have had a growing relationship with Crop Marks for over ten years – you don’t see that too often. It’s all about the customer service.

So what’s in it for you?

Top shelf creative work that’s affordable, reliable and timely all topped with a level of customer service you shouldn’t receive…you should expect.


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