Australian Music Reviews – Introduction

Welcome to Australian Music Reviews. We review all sorts of music for you from all over the world, as well as Australia. We have reviews of  recorded music, live music, music videos, music on TV, music on the radio and music on the Internet. If we find music anywhere else and it is interesting, we will review that too.

You are welcome to add your point of view in the comments section of our reviews, or on our Facebook fanpage or our Twitter feed

We cover new music, but we also look at some older music too and hopefully we can uncover a few gems for you. I do not want to talk about labels, or genres, as I believe all music falls into only three:-  good, bad and mediocre. We only cover the good.

We also include reviews of and links to products and services that we believe music fans will find useful. This includes, but is not be limited to music downloads, music software, music tutorials, artwork and much more.

Products we link to can be delivered quickly and efficiently, just around the corner, or on the other side of the world and in many cases downloaded directly to your computer.

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