Back Pain Medical Team Review

Damon Noto MD

Having studied at some of the nation’s top medical institutions and trained with leading physicians, Dr. Damon Noto has adopted a unique skill set as well as a different perspective on patient care. He prefers to see patients as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms – taking into consideration their physical and mental aspects and designing a course of treatment that meets their unique needs.

After graduating from the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Noto completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at New York Presbyterian Hospital of Cornell and Columbia. He later took on a Spine and Pain Management fellowship at Harvard-affiliated New England Baptist Hospital. Dr. Noto has also undertaken advanced study of anti-aging medicine, nutrition and exercise as well as training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Affiliated with the Hackensack University Medical Center and the Hackensack Surgical Center, Dr. Noto has trained personally with Dr. Dante Implicito, MD – the current Chief of Spinal Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center. His specializations in stem cell therapy, pain management, physical medicine/rehabilitation, and acupuncture offer a unique approach to medicine and reflect his compassionate concern for his patients’ well-being.

Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC

Dr. Ferraro is nationally recognized for his leadership in the use of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. He has performed thousands of successful spinal decompression therapy treatments.Dr. Ferraro has been called to be a speaker across the country on spinal decompression therapy and other topics regarding health and interdisciplinary treatment. He has been published on the interdisciplinary treatment of chronic pain and spinal decompression technology.

For his dedication, accomplishments and devotion to patient care, NJ Top Docs recognized Dr Peter Ferraro of Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation as a “Top Doctor” for his commitment to excellence in Chiropractic Medicine in 2012. As a treating Chiropractic Physician he served as an Injury Prevention Consultant for Future Industrial Technologies, as an authorized panel physician handling Workman’s Compensation needs for Bergen Risk Managers and as an IME Specialist performing evaluations for multiple insurance companies. Dr. Peter Ferraro is a New Jersey State PBA Physician Association Lifetime Member dedicated to protect and serve the health needs of Law Enforcement.

Christian Enescu MD

Neurology practice combining conventional evaluations, investigations and therapy with a more holistic, integrative approach . Here I include evalbuation using Brain Mapping, extensive Neuropsychological evaluation if needed, Heart variability monitoring to asses the overall function of the autonomic nervous system and also the stress reserve etc. Therapy can employ several modalities including Neurotransmitters replacement therapy, Neuro-feedback, Deep relaxation techniques, Meditation, Guided imagery, Nutrition advice for optimal brain function and last but not least if appropriate, spiritual counseling to correct mental, emotional and behavioral imbalances in patient’s life that can cause the persistence of symptoms.

Able to speak French, Spanish, Romanian, and English, Dr. Enescu’s reputation and achievements precede him. A graduate of Carol Davila Medical University in Bucharest, Romania and having completed his residency in Neurology at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center,of New York City, Dr. Enescu is qualified, certified, and prepared to help you. Specializing in Neurology but also a people-person, his patients find him welcoming and friendly, but also helpful and capable. The patients’ needs are analized from all possible angles, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Since 1986, Dr. Enescu has been dedicated and distinguished in his field.

Anthony Manzella DPT

Dr. Anthony Manzella is a graduate of University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s physical therapy program. Anthony developed his passion for health and wellness by training and conditioning some of the area’s most successful middle school, high school and college athletes at the Parisi Speed School. He became interested in the field of physical therapy after witnessing many of his clients fall victim to avoidable injuries.

Under the mentorship of world renown physical therapists Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio, Anthony has become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute. The Gray Institute is the foremost authority on the study of human movement and functional biomechanics. Anthony has been able to combine a variety of treatment techniques including Active Release Technique, Muscle Activation Technique, Functional Manual Reaction and functional exercise prescription to create environments to allow his patients to be successful and heal. It is through his very specific knowledge base, Anthony is able to get to the true cause of pain and dysfunction within each patient’s injury. Anthony’s goal with Ferraro Spine is to enhance the lives of his patients through functional physical therapy and performance enhancement.

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