How Much Analog Have I Lost?

For days I was trying to find out what kind of cable TV service I could order when I moved to my new place but without the Internet at the time, I seriously had so much trouble finding out what providers were available that I felt like I had stepped back in time. This was the first time in years that I didn’t have the Internet or a cell phone which made it even more difficult, unfortunately. I literally had to use a buddies computer to find more information so I could have it all ready to hook up when I moved.

This goes to show just how dependent we have become. The Internet is amazing but sometimes I wonder if I could function like a normal human being if I didn’t have the Internet. How many things should I know about right now, like using a phone book or an operator, am I completely lacking in any experience with? The ‘analog’ way of doing things seems to be lost on my generation and it’s definitely going to be nothing but a mystery for those who are coming after us. We were children for the ‘analog’ but grew up with the digital. They don’t even have an analog world to compare it to.

I mean, I’m 30 and I barely remember VHS. I think the last VHS I bought might have beenDarkside Blues. I do remember my first DVD, though, which wasLord of the Rings. It’s this sort of generational gap of technology that causes the issues we are having today with cable companies and politicians. They are older individuals in positions of power unwilling to adapt to the wildly changing technology. They don’t understand it and they don’t care enough to understand it because trying to learn something new is difficult.

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