I Have a New and Cheap Way to Spend My Free Time

When I moved to New York, I knew it would be expensive ahead of time. There was no missing that because it’s a topic that people talk about in other states. So, when I applied for school in the city, I kept that in mind. But I attend a well known arts school, and I could not pass up going there. When I moved into my dorm, I was given an info packet about some of the places to go here and some of the services offered. I put it to the side because I was so busy getting to know my school and keeping up with homework. I ran across it last week when it fell off a shelf in my closet.

One of the services mentioned in the packet stated that students can get a really nice discount on satellite TV service. I had called quite a few cable companies when I first moved into the dorm and could not afford their monthly charge. But to learn I could get satellite for almost 25 percent less each month with no contract was really interesting because it meant that I could afford the cost.

I don’t have a full time job because I have no time for it due to school being full time. So, I am very careful with what I spend my money on. As someone who is not into the night life and partying, it can be pretty boring just reading books in my free time at night. I missed watching engaging and educational shows, which you do not find much of on regular network TV. I called the company and explained that I’m a student, and they explained that I only needed to fax them a copy of my student ID to unlock the lower cost. After that, they came over and turned on my service within days.

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