Joss Stone on Craig Ferguson

She was sensational. This girl really is an old soul in a young body, with a fantastic voice to match. She came on all glammed up for the performance. Which both she and Craig Ferguson mentioned. She had a very casual interview with the ex-pat Scotsman, which she seemed to enjoy and he seemed a little besotted. They had a little break and then she was back to perform her new song Newborn, which was apparently produced and co-written with Dave Stewart formerly of the Eurythmics and he knows something about girl singers.

I love the Craig Ferguson Show, he is really funny. He rarely has music on there and when he does, so far what I have seen has been pretty awful. But Joss as always was sensational. If you would like to catch some more of her after this check out my TV review site Oz TV Reviews and there are some great clips of her there.

The track Newborn is from her new album LP1 which is on her own independent label Surfdog Records

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