Make Music in May

Ninemsn reports that May is the month to make music, not just for your listening pleasure but because it can make you feel better and even cure some conditions.

Australians are being asked to sing and play music in May to promote song as a healing art that can banish depression and reduce pain.

Making Music Being Well 2012, an annual week-long initiative that starts on May 21, is designed to get school and community groups to celebrate links between making music and health benefits.

The Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) says making music has been shown to be good for individuals and good for society.

AMTA president Felicity Baker says the brain’s ability to regenerate and form new pathways when people learn new things is “exciting” where music is concerned.

“There’s a lot of evidence now that music learning is great for the brain, whether in infancy or for older people,” she said in a statement.

Research has shown making music can help alleviate depression, reduce anxiety and help people build trust and social connections.

Learning a wind instrument can help people with asthma with breath control, and singing to people in even the most advanced stage of dementia can be beneficial, Ms Baker says.

The Music Council of Australia, which organises the event, said last year 50,000 people sang or played music in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, community centres, concert halls, markets, churches, universities, parks and shopping centres.

People can register to participate this year at

Registered participants receive posters, flyers and other free support materials to help plan and promote their events….More at Make music in May, musicians say.

I know from my own experience how slight changes in sound can change the way that people feel. And we all know that different types of music can make us feel sad, melancholy, happy, elated etc. It has long been established too, that learning to play a musical instrument improves the pathways in the brain and reaction speed of the synapses. This in turn can ward off memory deterioration and even Alzheimer’s disease.

This can be taken even further to improve brain capacity, aid meditation and increase energy using Brain Entrainment, you can find out much more on this subject at Mind Sync Review.

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