Mavis Staples on Later with Jools Holland

Mavis Staples Rocks Her Peers

Mavis Staples closed out the episode of Later with Jools Holland that was aired in Australia last night (30/6/11). There were some excellent performances on the show including Robert Plant, Arcade Fire, Adele, Mona and Indian singer Raghu Dixit. But 71 year old Mavis took them all there with her final number the gospel I’ll Take You There.


All the other bands could be seen joining in. Robert Plant and his female backup singer/guitarist were particularly enthused. Mavis involved everyone. While her backing band played solos, she wandered around shaking hands with the other musicians and rearranged the lyrics to include the host Jools Holland.

When you see performances like this, from septogenarians like Mavis Staples and Tom Jones, with such enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment in what they do, it makes you think that getting old can’t be all that bad. Let’s hope we all still have that zest for life in our 70′s

Jools Holland interviewed Mavis at the piano and she sang a tune with him. Joolsplayed an old Video clip of Mavis‘s father Pops Staples, who died in 2000 and Mavisshed a few tears. But his legacy remains. The Staple Singers were probably the best soul/gospel group of all time and were widely influential in both pop and rock music, as well as their own genres. If you are not familiar with their music, I highly recommend you check them out and catch up with some music history.


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