Monkee Davy Jones Dies at 66

Another star of the pop music world passed away this week. Davy Jones the “lead singer” and front man of the 1960’s TV group The Monkees suffered a massive heart attack at his home in Florida.

The Monkees were highly criticised in “serious” music circles and deemed to be the first manufactured group, they were nicknamed the Pre-Fab Four in deference to the Beatles alias of the Fab Four. They were put together by a TV producer and fan of the Beatles movies. All of the members who were auditioned were some time actors and musicians, with Davy and Mickey Dolenz having some degree of fame as child actors. Davy appeared on the well known English soap opera Coronation Street and played the Artful Dodger in a stage production of Oliver that traveled to the States. Coincidentally it was a roll that was also played by future rock stars Phil Collins and Steve Marriott of the Small Faces and Humble Pie.

In the long run none of the criticism of the band mattered, as the TV shows that they made were huge fun and highly popular in their era and many years later. You can always find re-runs somewhere. And the music was none too shabby either. There were 4 number one albums, 3 number one singles and 7 other top 30 singles (US Billboard charts), They were popular all over the world and Jones and the other Monkees have lived on that fame ever since.

It was of course because of Davy‘s popularity that another 60′s singer called David Jones was forced to change his name to David Bowie.

Although Davy Jones played the lead singer on TV, Mickey Dolenz actually took care of lead vocals on most of their singles. But Davy did sing lead on the hits Daydream BelieverA Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You, and Valleri and was probably the most popular with the teenage girl fans. In fact he retained his boyish looks throughout his life.

Daydream Believer – One of The Monkees most popular songs and certainly my favourite.

Davy married three times, the last of his wives being half his age and younger than his two daughters from his first marriage. He also had two daughters from his second marriage. I last saw him on a TV show called Soundtrack To My Life where he sang some of his old hits and a newer song written by one of his daughters. I’m not sure when it was recorded, but he was still looking youthful, healthy and happy.

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