Plantation Shutters Have Many Advantages

When my friend asked me for my opinion on what window treatments she should get, I did not hesitate to tell her plantation shutters. I had just finished researching window treatment options for my own home, and I knew that there were no other options that are as good as plantation shutters, for a number of reasons. I did a search for orange county blinds and found a company that sells and installs them in my area, but I had yet to make an appointment. She knew that I had been researching for my own place, and she wanted to know why I felt that plantation shutters were the best.

There are so many reasons, but I just gave her the top reasons that I felt were important. The main one is that they are so durable. With mini blinds, which is what we both have had up to this point, we needed to replace them every few years. The cheaper ones are flimsy, but even the more expensive mini blinds are just not durable enough to last long. The shutters that we ended up getting have a lifetime warranty on them, just on the off chance that something would happen to them.

They also look so much nicer than blinds. They look more elegant, and they increase the value of a person’s home. Even though neither of us have any intention of selling our homes right now, neither one of us plan on living in them forever. This is going to add value to both of our homes, which is nice when that time does come. Also, they can actually protect our carpets and furniture from sun damage because we are able to have them open to where the sunlight cannot fade the furniture and carpet over time. After explaining this and a bit more about them, she was sold on the idea of plantation shutters too!

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