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Rock and Roll T Shirts

There can be only one thing in Rock n Roll that comes close to the music and that’s the Rock n Roll Clothing. Where would rock n roll be without cheap band shirts and rock and roll T shirts? Probably wearing dinner jackets and Armani suits I guess.

But if the stars of rock and roll can afford the designer labels, there is no doubt what is designer wear for the fans, it’s Rock and Roll T shirts, tour shirts, rock tees and not forgetting the AC DC T shirt. The Rock and Roll T shirt is the icon of the idiom. OK it might fall a little way behind a Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul, but you can’t wear them to a gig or for a drink at the local. But you can on a T shirt.

The Rock and roll T shirt has so many variations on a very standard theme. First of all you have your colour range, but of course basic black is always the favourite. But then you can have anything you want printed on it. It may be just your favourite bands name, it may be their logo, it could be the tour dates and we must not forget the rock and roll catch phrase or rock and roll humour. Keep on truckin’.

Many Rock and Roll T shirts live on long after the band has gone; in fact they sometimes sell better or are more cherished because the band has gone. Grateful Dead Shirts, Nirvana Shirts and the Doors T shirts are still highly sought after and loved by their owners.

The event or venue T shirt also holds a prominent place in the realm of Rock n Roll clothing. Some people can not resist a CBGB shirt or a Woodstock T shirt, hey if you were there advertise it and if you weren’t well wear it anyway.

We have found some great places where you can pick up all of these classic items of rock n roll clothing and some you may not have thought of.

Bathroom Wall T Shirts have a fantastic range with some awesome designs, most of which I have not seen before. They operate from the UK but will mail shirts to pretty much anywhere in the world (currently for free when you buy 4 or more shirts). I particularly like their AC/DC “Whole Lotta Rosie” T Shirt and the Keith Richards – “Dr Keith’s Rock N’ Roll Pharmacy” T-shirt. They have numerous categories, Lyric T shirts, Rock Star Academy, Heavy Metal, Guitar Heroes, Lead Singers etc. You can check the whole range by clicking on the link below.


6DollarShirts have some great bargains, as the name suggests, they sell T Shirts for $6 each or you can buy 10 for $50. 6DollarShirts must be the home of cheap band shirts.They also carry a vast range and variety of T shirts and have other rock and roll clothing such as sunglasses, hoodies, posters and prints and so on. Check them out below

6DollarShirts have added a new Clearance Items section to the site. Along with marking down our Last Chance tees to $5.75, we’re also offering select basics for as low as 99 cents.

You will never find another deal like this. Any 10 for only $50!

Busted Tees have a great range of Shirts including Beer branded T shirts, Vintage Tees and numerous comedy shirts.

Meanfellas have a great range of unusual and distinct Tee Shirts. Click on the banner below to view the full range

We all hugely love ‘The Who’ and we should all love this t-shirt featuring a white-sectioned print of all four members from the early days of the band. I’m sure you all get your parents reminiscing about the good old days of ‘The Who’, with there energetic performances and instrumental destruction, well now you can just buy them a t-shirt so they can re-visit their youth. 100% Licensed Product.

This Gil Scott-Heron t shirt features an image of the spoken work artist and his most famous quote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.
This is a 100% cotton Gil Scott-Heron T shirt.

Look Ma, I’m a DJ! 100% cotton T shirt with a custom transfer print of a pair of headphones, which look like they are round your neck.

This Pink Floyd T Shirt features a distressed print of artwork based on the Darkside of the Moon album colour, with an alternate Pink Floyd logo. This is a fitted black 100% cotton Pink Floyd t-shirt.

This soulful tee features the Tamla Motown Globe Logo. Founded by Berry Gordy in 1959 Motown Records was the first Record Label owned by an African American to achieve chart success.
Available in 3 colours, with a one colour print.

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