Saving on the Gas Bill During Ohio Winters by the Lake

If you live in Ohio, you know that it starts to get cold in October. By January you are probably freezing even if you are just commuting to work and not working outside. I work outside, and I notice it more and more as each year goes by. Well, until my wife and I can afford to retire in a tropical paradise, we live here in Ohio. I like it warm when I go home, and this is why we appreciate how we can choose the gas companies in Ohio we want to do business with. At home we have a gas log fireplace that my wife turns on shortly before I get home in the winter. It is below our TV set in the living room. I like to relax in there and warm up after being outside all day. She gets home a couple of hours before me, and I appreciate her turning up the heat for me.

I can sit there and run that fireplace all evening. It never gets too warm for me. However, it does jack up the gas bill running it in conjunction with the furnace heating the rest of the house on those cold winter days. We picked a gas supplier that charges a lower rate per therm than the other provider we used to have. It adds up over a winter’s use of natural gas. We save in the summer too because our water is heated by natural gas too. However, the bulk of the cubic feet we use of natural gas per year is definitely during the cold season from October to almost mid May. Yes, we have used the heat in May around here. It gets cold up by the lake here in Ohio. Those lake-effect snows also can be brutal too.

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