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A good friend once said, “everything has to be designed…even the letters that make up the words you’re reading now.” It’s true – design, even in it’s simplest form still needs to go through the creative process to become what it is.

“Stephen is great to work with and instinctively seems to know what the client is looking for. I simply gave him a bunch of photographs of my work, carte blanche to do what he does best, and first time around he hit a grand slam. We went with the dynamic design he came up with right out of the gate. What more can I say?”

Toland Sand
Toland Sand Glass Studio

People often underestimate the power of design and the importance of it for an effective marketing or branding campaign. It takes much more than a computer and some special effects to create something that catches eyes, gets read and gets results. It takes a seasoned designer – one who’s learned from other creatives to help shape his or her own design style.

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Crop Marks Design offers a full suite of creative services and abilities to clients with the goal of helping clients achieve a level of consistency throughout all of their marketing materials – whether in print, online or on wheels. A consistent brand image is a must for recognition and growth for any business – small or large. Whether we work with you on a per project basis or full blown campaign that crosses many mediums, you can be sure that our creative suggestions are in your best interest.


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