The Voice Australia Videos Highlights and Undiscovered Gems

The first week of blind auditions for The Voice is over, so I thought I would put together what I thought were the highlights of the week.


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Included here are some actual clips from The Voice, but some of my favourite singers either didn’t get selected or their clips, for some other reason, are not available. So I have scoured YouTube and found some gems for you, which include audition tapes for The Voice and stuff recorded before these guys got on national TV. Make sure you check all the way to the bottom of the post as there is a real find there.

OK I am going to start with the big closing number from the first episode of The Voice. Karise Eden belts out James Brown’It’s a Man’s World in a style that reminds me in parts of both Joss Stone and Janis Joplin

Melanie Dyer was not selected by any of the judges, which they all regretted once they turned around, so much so that they asked her to sing one of her own songs. This was much better than the cover that she did; it’s called Maybe in Mercury

Here is the whole song recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 2010. There is no doubt this girl will be a star without The Voice, but I would have liked to have seen her on my TV a few more times.

Much was made of Rachael Leahcar’s appearance before it happened, because she is blind. But all of the hype proved to be worth it when she sang her version of La Vie En Rose

I would love to have included Danni Da Ros singing And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, here. But the clip was not available and I could not locate anything else by her. Come on Danni get your publicity machine working. I know a man who can help, check out

Gail Page sang a great bluesy version of the jazz standard I Put a Spell on You. Again the judges failed to pick up a great singer. For some reason, best known to her, Gail told the judges she had only been singing for 5 years, but her Myspace page says she started in 1993 and has performed with some of the big names in Australian music. Here she is singing some blues at The Basement in Sydney. The song is called Without You Here

Rebecca Tapia also missed out on qualifying for the next round. I could not track down her appearance on the show, but here is her audition tape. I think you will recognise the song, originally written by Leonard Cohen but covered by everyone from Jeff Buckley to Damien Leith

Interestingly I found a few clips of Rebecca Tapia singing with Guy Sebastian on YouTube. I wonder if he talked all of his friends and family into auditioning for The Voice

Peta Jeffress did qualify for the next round of the voice with her unique cover of the Oasis song Wonderwall. You have got to watch this to understand quite how different it is from the original.

Michael Duchesne performed the Doobie Brothers hit What a Fool Believes on TV. I wasn’t able to find a clip of the audition. But here he is performing his own song Girls, on the radio.

Carmen Smith got through The Voice audition with a great version of the Alicia Keys favourite How Come You Don’t Call Me (actually written by Prince) again that clip was nowhere to be found. But here she is with an Aretha Franklin cover It Won’t Be Long. For one woman with a voice and one man with a guitar this is damn funky.


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