The Voice More Blind Auditions

The judges continue to build their teams on The Voice with more blind auditions. Tonight we saw:-

Sam Ludeman – Who sounded a little like James Blunt. He sang a song called I’m not Over You. He went pretty well, but I thought he lacked power and wow factor. Seal was the first to turn his chair and then Delta GoodremDelta‘s carrot for him to join her team was that she had a lot of hot girlfriends. Sam said he already had one of his own and went with Seal

Viktoria Bolonina – Is a Russian girl who moved to Australia when she was 10. In a kind of cliche she sang the Kate Bush song Babooshka. With her heavy accent Viktoriasounded little like a night club singer from a James Bond film. Only Delta turned her chair, but they were both happy to be working together as Viktoria said she was a huge fan of Deltas and had learned English listening to her songs. Maybe we can expect to hear Ra Ra Rasputin from Viktoria in the next round.

Glenn Whitehall sang the Sam Cooke classic A Change is Gonna Come, an unusual choice for a white man. But he has a nice soulful voice and it was a very good interpretation. Keith Urban turned first then Delta immediately after him. Glenn decided to go with Keith. Delta doesn’t win many when there is any competition.

Diana Rouvas – Sang Beyonce‘s Work it Out. It was a very funky song, but I felt she fell just short of being really good. Keith didn’t and she was on his team


Mitchell Thompson – was dressed in trousers rolled up well above his ankles, maybe there was flood in the studios or this is a fashion statement I am not up with. Mitchell is just 18. He sang a song entitled A Team which I was not familiar with. He has a classically trained quality about his voice and I think he has a lot of potential. I would have picked him and Seal did

Esther Welch – came on dressed in such a wide variety of colours it looked like she had been in an explosion in a paint factory. She sang Fell in Love With a Boy, it was a good fun tune and she had quite a range. I liked the low bits. No one turned their chairs but I would have.

Jaz Flowers – Had starred in the stage musical Hairspray, but her career has been in a lull since then. She sang Big White Room a Jessie J song. I was not sure about her voice. I liked it in parts, in other parts I thought she over did it. All the judges but Joelturned their chairs and they had nothing but praise for her. She went with Keith Urban.

Kieran Fraser – is 38 and a karaoke king, having won numerous big competitions. He appeared on stage in trackie daks and a T shirt, an outfit surely more suited to watching the show from your armchair at home. He sang a James Blunt song Same Mistake and sounded more like James Blunt than James Blunt does. But he has a good voice and good control. Delta turned first then Seal at the last second. Joel Madden said exactly what I thought in reference to James Blunt. Kieran joined Seal, another miss for Delta.

Cory Hargreaves – Sang the Queen classic We Are The Champions. The first few lines sounded kind of autobiographical, as he is 36 and has been around the traps, musically speaking. He has a good strong voice, but was just short of great. No one turned and he was very disappointed, as I think he saw this as a last chance.

Jerson Trinidad – is originally from the Philippines. He sang Ordinary People a John Legend song, who I think is a great artist. Jerson has a very good soul voice and impressed me, but Delta was the only one of the judges to turn around. They looked kind of funny when she hugged him and they left the stage together, as he is about half her height, which had not been apparent to me until then.

Michelle Serret-Cursio – Sang the Rihanna song Only Girl in the World. I didn’t like it at all I’m afraid but the judges did, all of them but Delta turned. She went with Joel.

Tomorrow night sees the last of the blind auditions. Joel Madden still needs three more voices to complete his team, Seal and Delta Goodrem both need two and Keith Urbanonly one.

We’ll be back with the final reviews of the first round tomorrow.

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