Tom Jones, Vampire Weekend, Corrine Bailey Rae

Vampire Weekend were first cab off the rank, with quite a cheery pop tune. It was not what I expected, maybe Vampires aren’t as dark and moody as they used to be. It was an OK tune, but may be better with a few more listens. Their second tune White Sky, was a weird poppy song. The guitarist wore a body warmer, must have been cold in the studio. They finished the show with a song called Cousins. They definitely saved the best for last. It was a very rhythmic rocker, much more fun than the first two.

Corrine Bailey Rae was up next, also with a cheery pop tune called Paris Nights / New York Mornings it had a slow section. She was playing a white Danelectric guitar. Quite a striking look. Later she sang Closer more of a soulful ballad, the stuff she does so well. A very good late night kind of tune.

Metric were next with Gimme Sympathy, a slow, dark tune with a bit of substance, but they lined up like a pop band on a chat show. I quite liked it though. Their second song was Sick Muse. It had a big rock intro. It could have done without the keyboard parts. It was a bit of a reserved rocker, that never really cut loose. But it has potential to be a good live tune. The crowd liked it.

Tom Jones had a short interview with Jools. Nothing much was really said, something about the naming of his album Praise and BlameJools presented Tom with a Birthday cake for his 70th. He said he could blow out the candles if he wanted to, but they employed someone to do that. He sang with Jools at the piano Strange Things Happen Every Day. It was a great gospel boogie song, Tom was in great voice. What Good Am Iwas a slow dark blues, The drummer played with timpani beaters. The backing band was minimal, but Tom sings better than anyone else on the show, although he can give them at least 40 years. His last song was Burning Hell with just him, the slide guitar and drums. It was maybe not quite as good as the version on Letterman that I included here, but still great.

MGMT played Flash Delirium it was a good tune with strange vocals and it was hard to categorise. It was slightly spacey in a`David Bowie sort of style. Their second tune was also interesting, with a nice conga break. Some of the vocals reminded me of Steve Howeand Yes.

Jools interviewed Andy Serkis, most famous for playing Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films. He was promoting a film called Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll that he played Ian Dury in . He was very enthusiastic. They showed a clip, he sang with the real Blockheads. He said Ian Dury‘s family were involved in the making of the film and he had become friends with Chaz Jankel from the Blockheads and played Jazz saxophone with him. I hope it gets released here in Australia.

Crystal Castles played Celestica another spacey type tune. It had a sort of European/German feel. It didn’t really appeal to me, although the singer was cute in a heavy make up, weird sort of way.

Jools interviewed Bob Harris, he was the presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test. A 1970′s music show that was very big to people of my and Jools’s age. It was an album rock show, that just about everyone appeared on. They showed a clip of Little Featplaying Rock n Roll Doctor with Lowell GeorgeBob is probably a better presenter than Jools (but I doubt that he plays piano as well) so he took over the interview.

This was the last of the current series of Later, next week it’s replaced by a concert from Blur Live at Hyde Park

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